The 6RE network is born from the constant work of a group of professional real estate agents with a strong roots in the Sienese and Tuscan territory. These professionals have enthusiastically joined a common project where experiences and skills have fused together to create the first territorially relevant network, able to combine flexibility and solidity, modernity and tradition.

The core values ​​of the 6RE are in fact ethics, professionalism, competence, innovation. The passion for the profession and the ambition to excel in carrying out its business as well as the awareness of the "social" importance of the role of the real estate agent, are the reasons behind the 6RE project. The consolidated experience of the members of the network, the abilities of the individuals and the professionalism of the other subjects connected to them (technicians, lawyers, tax experts, companies etc.), joined together have created an operative network, characterized by a high multidisciplinary vocation.

In fact, 6RE is able to meet the needs of consulting, assistance and support in the sales, leasing and all other real estate services, with no exceptions whatsoever. An old, successful advertising slogan read: "Seeing is believing .."

The combination of professional experiences, complementary to each other, has given rise to a network that is today recognized at the city and provincial level not only for the promotional and advertising investment that has been produced in recent years, but also for its proven attitude to consulting.

The latter, in an extremely complex and competitive sector such as real estate, is a must of the 6RE network. With 6RE assistance becomes global, the traditional agent becomes a real Personal Consultant.

13 real estate agents, 4 study assistants, 1 homestager, 1 in-house technician, 1 multilingual translator and 1 graphic designer are just some numbers that give the extent of the network.

Other important numbers are those of the catalog: operationally the network communicates through a "common database" which groups together all the offers acquired by the individual partners and which currently totals over 1000 properties, each of which characterized by a detailed information sheet complete with photographic material and documentary.

This allows each partner of the network to have precise and detailed information to quickly satisfy every request of its customers in the residential, industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors.

The great success of the network is in fact in the logic of interchange between agencies, which overcomes the traditional and obsolete dynamics of sterile collaboration, typical of the sector of other times. In each agency participates in a common vision, for example the "duplicates" disappear (incidentally the so-called properties for sale managed by several agencies often at different prices); the concept of a direct relationship with the customer is introduced, regardless of whether it comes to exclusive or non-exclusive mandates. For the mandate, each agent always shares the choice with the client depending on the sensitivity that each one has on this specific aspect. It will not be infrequent to leave an agency 6re after a long clarification interview on sales or purchase or property management or investment opportunities, without necessarily having had a mandate signed but with the head clearer of thoughts and doubts ..

The network's strong point is the site, an easy-to-navigate web portal and has the 6re magazine as its paper tool, the elegant free house organ that comes out on a monthly basis. Both reinforce the visibility of real estate proposals.

After the first parable of absolute novelty, the network now aims to consolidate its presence, which can only be reached through the permanence of the relationship with its public. 6RE the network centered on you.